Celebrating International Women's Day

Celebrating International Women's Day. We're featuring 5 Perfumers who've had a powerful impact on our brand by creating some of our most iconic fragrances.

“My favourite notes are those that elicit emotion. I often think that creating fragrance is really just another way of ‘communicating’ with others!”

“In every fragrance I create there is a drop of strong emotions – It’s a melody of natural beauty, textures, and happiness.”

“I love creating fragrance that speaks to peoples’ identities. Fragrance should complement your personality!”- Adriana Medina _______________________________________ “As soon as I discovered this industry, I just fell in love...when you see others enjoying your fragrance creations, it’s the best feeling ever!” - Nicole Mancini

“What I love most about creating fragrances is my capacity to touch people’s lives through scent and being a part of their special moments.”

We're proud to support the American Chemical Society Scholars Program