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About Wallflowers Plugs from Bath & Body Works

What’s the secret to always-on fragrance that lasts for weeks and weeks? Bath & Body Works Wallflowers plugs (our version of air freshener plug ins). They help your home smell incredible 24/7 and enhance your décor.

And when it comes to Wallflowers plugs, we don’t hold back. We have so. many. designs. Bathrooms, kids’ rooms, guest bedrooms, kitchens, and every other room in the house…there’s something to match (or elevate!) literally any décor style. Some even have nightlight plugs that glow around the clock.

So, where can you place a Wallflowers plug? Anywhere there’s an outlet! But we do have a few tips for the best results:

  • All Wallflowers plugs rotate, so you can use them on a vertical or horizontal outlet.
  • Install the Wallflowers refill before inserting the Wallflowers plug into the outlet. 
  • Keep 12 inches (30 cm) of clearance between the plug and your countertops, floors and furnishings.
  • Always keep the plug and refills upright.

Okay, time to choose your scented Wallflowers Refills. Fruity, floral, sweet, citrusy or fresh, there’s a fragrance refill (or five) for you. 

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