Annual Candle Day Event



Bath & Body Works Annual Candle Day has ended but you’ll be able to shop it again in 2024! Did you know that here at Bath & Body Works Canada we have an unofficial holiday? That’s right, Candle Day has become its own day. It’s a really big deal. You don’t want to miss out on this once-a-year celebration so keep reading to find out all about Bath & Body Works Canada 3-wick candle sale of the year.


Candle Day is the one time a year we sell our much loved 3-wick candles for a super-amazing price. For a very limited time online and in stores, you’ll be able to stock up on all your favourite scents, and at these prices, try some new ones too! There is no better time to start checking off your gift list, who doesn’t want a candle?!


The exact date is a bit of a secret, we’ll reveal more when the day is closer. But be prepared to shop our Candle Day celebration leading up to Christmas.


Get ready for your candle restock with over 100 options of our world famous 3-wick candles! We’ll have classic Christmas scents as well as your year-round favourites. Make some room in your candle closet for some surprises too.


Here are some tips and tricks to make your Candle Day the best it can be:

  • A must-have list. Jot down the candles you absolutely need to have. This gives you a game plan so you can be sure to get what you really want. We suggest you add some non-holiday fragrances so that your candle refresh lasts after Christmas too. Go ahead, start your shopping list now!
  • Save room for surprises. What’s a celebration without a few surprises? We may bring back past scents or launch some new ones special for Candle Day. Either way, be on the look-out.
  • Get ready to flex those biceps…or bring your BFF as backup. Bath & Body Works Canada's Candle Day sale is so good you’re going to want to indulge. With so many 3-wick candles in your tote, you’ll need some extra help!
  • Shop twice. You can shop Candle Day online and in stores. Inventory will vary between stores and even on our website so the best way to snag the best candles is to shop double.
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